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DIALETO : CD Bártok in Rock - featuring David Cross (King Crimson)

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DIALETO : CD Bártok in Rock - featuring David Cross (King Crimson)

"There is much talk these days, mostly for political reasons, about the purity and impurity of the human race, the usual 
implication being that purity of race should be preserved, even by means of prohibitive laws. 
Contact with foreign material not only results in an exchange of melodies, but  -and this is still more important-  it gives an 
impulse to the development of new styles. 
It is obvious that if there remains any hope for the survival of folk music in the near or distant artificial erection of Chinese walls to separate peoples from each other bodes no good for its development. 
A complete separation from foreign influences means stagnation: well assimilated foreign impulses offer possibilities of 

Excerpts from Race Purity in Music (1942), Béla Bartók Essays


1.Mikrokosmos 113 04:21
2.Mikrokosmos 149 03:40
3.An Evening in the Village 03:21
4.Roumanian Folk Dances 1 05:39
5.Roumanian Folk Dances 2 03:15
6.Roumanian Folk Dances 3 03:48
7.Roumanian Folk Dances 4 04:20
8.Roumanian Folk Dances 5 01:54
9.Roumanian Folk Dances 6 01:54
10.The Young Bride 05:26

Release date - 25/05/17


Nelson Coelho - guitarra
Gabriel Costa - baixo
Fred Barley - bateria

David Cross - violino na track 1

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Dialeto - Bartók in Rock

Dialeto - Bartók in Rock

DIALETO : CD Bártok in Rock - featuring David Cross (King Crimson)